September 22, 2020

With all of the uncertainties surrounding us today, your child’s education has become a daunting task in many households.  Balancing work, raising a family, self-care, and now taking on the role of an educator to your child has been an exhausting responsibility.  Whether opting for virtual learning or transitioning back to the classroom, students may still struggle!  Relieve yourself and your child from the stress and anxiety and leave it to a professional!

Each 75 minute session includes:

  • One on one instruction and mentoring
  • Assistance navigating online platforms
  • Acquiring skills to break down complex tasks and organize assignments
  • Applying time management
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with instructors
  • Small Group Learning
  • Exploration in motivation
  • Wellness Assessments
  • Free Wi-fi


For more information, please email Carrie Doxsee (Formerly Ms. Bamberger at MICMS) at ambitionswellness@outlook.com.   Carrie has 15 years of experience as an educator.  She has recently transitioned her career to focus on health and wellness.

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified in Science grades 6-12


Stepping Stones is based out of Xcel Fitness Spa located at 1817 San Marco Road.  Please check out this immaculate facility at www.xfspa.com!


To reserve your 75 minute slot, please call Xcel Fitness Spa at (239) 392-9235

Available Time Slots Monday through Friday:

1:00pm- 2:15pm



5:30pm- 6:45pm