Wellness Coach. Personal Trainer. Nutrition Specialist.

About Carrie

Carrie Doxsee is a certified Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist based in Marco Island Florida. Her background as a former educator allows for effective communication and strategic instruction between her and her clients. Carrie’s passion for fitness is fueled by her desire to help others successfully achieve their wellness goals. Her empathetic approach embraces each client’s vision as unique and honors the values and desires the client has during the collaborative journey to the client’s version of their best self.

In a world flooded by quick-fix diet fads, cryptic nutritional guidelines, increasing cases of chronic conditions, and the onset of the Obesity Epidemic, Carrie focuses on helping clients who desire lasting change to seek solutions that are tailored to the individual.

Carrie knows that her clients are ultimately the experts when it comes to their own wellness. Her goal is to empower people to overcome obstacles by focusing on their strengths so that they can feel their best and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible. Carrie serves as an advocate for autonomy and helps to cultivate conscious change.


National Board Certified Wellness
Coach, Mayo Clinic/NBHWC

Certified Personal
Trainer, NFPT

M.A. Nova Southeastern
University, Science

B.S. Rutgers University,
Natural Resources

Specializations in
Nutrition, Kickboxing,
Suspension Band Training

My Journey

I am a NJ transplant who made SW Florida home. It took me a while to adapt to the tropical climate and serenity of the Gulf Coast considering I grew up snowboarding and surfing. Shoveling my car out from under an avalanche of snow has been replaced with the frantic search for deodorant, which is kept in the car, in every purse, and in every gym bag. I enjoy the warmth and the proximity to the ocean.

I have a deep seeded love for our planet and its inhabitants. One of my new favorite hobbies includes driving the airboat that my husband built for me through the Everglades. I have an unwavering respect for living things. When I was younger, I always thought I would embark in a career working with wildlife, but my journey has led me back to people. I was drawn to education and for many years sought joy in the ability to share my creativity and compassion with my students.

Over the years I have watched the population of SW Florida grow exponentially. The obesity epidemic is evident and there are more medications being advertised promising miracle results to cure yet another disease or condition. Although there are many wonderful medical practices in the area, many medical facilities process patients like machine parts in an industrial plant because of increasing chronic disease and their inability to sit with individuals to discuss the habits that feed these conditions. They may find it to be that it is more cost effective and efficient to write a prescription, but that doesn’t help individuals make lasting change that may drastically reduce or possibly resolve the issues at large.

This all circles back to my love and respect for life. How are we, as a species, supposed to love and nourish our planet when we don’t love and nourish ourselves? If we don’t take the time to properly take care of ourselves, what does that say to the children who follow in our footsteps? If we feel good, we can project the positive.

When we feel good, we are productive and empowered. If we can make lasting change that positively impacts our individual lives, it could lead to steps in the right direction to making lasting change in an effort to conserve this precious place we call home.