Resulting in your best self.

Nutrition Services

It’s all about the numbers! Learn how to fuel your body efficiently based on your metabolic needs and energy expenditure! Discover the formula for successful weight loss, physique maintenance, or lean muscle gain.

  • During this 45-minute session, measurements are taken to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate, Lean Body Mass, and Body Fat Percentage.
  • A suggested calorie intake can then be determined based on the specific nutritional needs of the client.
  • Further exploration can include macronutrient breakdown requirements based on specific dietary requirements or physical goals.
  • Discussion as to what options are available in terms of food choices can help identify individual preferences and outline satisfying meal options.


Personal Training

Transforming lives one body at a time. Take action towards creating a healthier version of yourself through exercise you enjoy.

  • Whether a novice to exercise, looking to change things up, or seeking to add to your vault of knowledge, hiring a personal trainer in Marco Island can benefit you.
  • A complimentary 30-minute consultation is offered so that goals, exercise preferences, and medical history are communicated and acknowledged.
  • Once client and trainer agree to proceed, 45-minute routines are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the client.
  • Sessions are available for individual purchase; however, purchasing packages allow clients to save while laying down a more solid foundation for success!


Group Sessions

Group sessions are offered for up to 4 individuals per session. Work out with friends who motivate you and have similar goals in mind! A free 20-minute consultation is provided so that your trainer can customize a workout that meets the needs of everyone in your group! Sessions are available for purchase on an individual basis or as packages.

  • TRX: suspension band training
  • HIIT: High intensity interval training. Bouts of intense exercise followed by short periods of recovery.
  • Boxing/Kickboxing: Work on and off the bag
  • Yoga

Special Requests: Have something else in mind? Just ask! Chances are, your trainer can design a routine just for you!


Wellness Coaching

Cultivate your vision of wellness and begin living the life you want.

  • This 45-minute client centered session is based on a collaborative relationship cultivated by client and coach.
  • Values, desires, and goals are established, and action is taken to move towards the client’s version of best self.
  • Breaking habits and creating lasting change takes time so individual sessions are not available for purchase until you have been working with your coach for a minimum of 6 sessions.
  • Once a 6-session commitment has been met, individual sessions are available for purchase. This allows for the development of a tailored program to meet individual needs.